The Los Angeles Kings have been known to have a soft spot for almond flour, and they’ve added some of the stuff to their menu.

The team has also gotten into the habit of adding it to its signature macaroni and cheese.

The team has added almond flour to its macarono pasta for the first time in the franchise’s history.

This past week, the Kings unveiled their new, slightly tweaked version.

It comes in a bowl with almond flour and olive oil, and it also comes in some other ingredients.

The new version, dubbed “The Original” is made with a “soft almond meal” that gives it a more tender texture.

It’s also topped with cheese and a sprinkle of olive oil.

The noodle is $7.99 at the Kings website.

Here’s the recipe:In addition to almond flour as an ingredient, the team also uses almond flour in their macaronis.

In fact, the franchise said that it’s using “the most premium ingredient in the industry,” as a reference to the ingredient.

In this case, it’s an all-natural, organic, organic variety of almond flour.

Here are the ingredients:Almond meal, vegetable oil, dried apricots, olive oil (optional)Almond flour, almond meal, water, salt, spices (optional), sugar, salt (for garnish)For the new version of the macaronini, the bowl is made of a mixture of almond meal and vegetable oil.

The “original” version of almond noodles has the same ingredients, but the bowl includes a “fleshy” mixture of apricot, avocado, and onion powder.

They also use a “meaty” almond meal that has an olive oil and salt coating.

The noodles are $6.99 for a 1-liter bowl.

Here is a list of the other ingredients that the team used in the original almond flour version.

Here it is again:The team also used a variety of different kinds of dried aprics, which they say are “the only non-gmo type of dried fruit” available.

The dried apricas are similar to the ones used in some of their past macaronas.

The apricos are “fruits from the Indian subcontinent,” according to the team.

The brand also says they are made from the fruit’s “unflavored water and salt.”

The ingredients are listed on the package, but not on the actual package.

Here they are again, with a list:

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