I was in my kitchen preparing my breakfast this morning, when a bowl of homemade corn tortillas burst into flames.

The fire had started out of nowhere, in my backyard.

It was a huge fire.

I could barely hear the fire, so I thought it was just a big fire.

But it was an amazing blaze.

As the flames grew, I looked outside and saw the house ablaze.

I ran outside, and saw flames burning all around the house.

We ran inside.

The house had completely collapsed.

When the firefighters arrived, I saw a huge pile of burned food in my garden.

It was completely destroyed.

We were not allowed to salvage the food.

We had to start all over again.

The fire was so bad, the whole family was evacuated.

People were so desperate that they would cook their own food.

The children were playing with firecrackers, playing with their toys.

We ran outside.

My husband and I got the kids to go into the kitchen and cook their food.

When they were done, they were back to eating their homemade corn flour tortillas.

The corn tortilla fires were so devastating.

There were so many people cooking their own corn flour and almond flour tortills.

These fires are not new.

Fire is everywhere.

And we don’t have to worry about it.

I know we have the power to prevent them.

I want you to go out and take action.

Go out and do your part.

Go out and get food.

Go and get your kids out.

Let’s get more people involved in making food safer.

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