In recent years, the Supreme Court has ruled that the right to the land to grow food and grow crops is enshrined in the Constitution.

The court has also made clear that if the farmers want to cultivate their crops, they can do so.

But this right has not been extended to people who are working in the land.

As a result, farmers have been left without the right and no option to clear up their land, or to reclaim their lands and cultivate their fields.

In fact, farmers and landless labourers in many areas are facing dire situations, with crop losses of up to Rs 40 lakh per annum.

In some parts of the country, farmers are forced to work in small, precarious jobs and face eviction, forced to sell their land to large landowners for a hefty price and forced to pay a higher fee for access to their fields or irrigation.

The Centre has proposed a scheme to provide Rs 15 lakh to farmers who are unable to clear their land of crops, and the states have proposed similar schemes.

But what about those who cannot afford to pay the fee?

The Centre is yet to give any money for the relief scheme.

In a recent interview to TOI, K.J. Dixit, Union Agriculture Minister, had said that farmers will be provided the option to cultivate on their land.

He had also said that the Centre would make it easier for farmers to cultivate by making it easier to buy and sell their produce.

However, the government has not said when or if the money will be available.

Daxit, who is currently on a two-day visit to Bihar, has not responded to queries from TOI.

The Centre had promised to make farming free for the farmers, but farmers are facing a dilemma.

What is the right of the farmer to reclaim the land?

The Right to Farm is a core part of the Constitution which provides the right for farmers and the landless to use their own land to their own benefit.

In addition to providing a right, the right also includes the right not to be encumbered by any other person’s use of their land or to be deprived of the use of any part thereof, even in the case of public interest or private use.

The Centre also gives farmers the right under the Right to Property to the property that they cultivate.

As per the Right of Property, a person can use, cultivate, sell and dispose of his or her own property in a manner and in any form that is in accordance with his or the land’s cultivation and use.

However, it is also the right given to the owner of a land to use it for the public benefit.

For example, a farmer may own the land where his crops are grown and cultivate them on his land, but not sell the land or dispose of the crop.

The land may be used for irrigation, building, power generation, and so on.

The owner of the land may also use it in a way that is beneficial to society.

For a farmer, a property owner who does not cultivate his land or use it with proper care is also entitled to claim a special right to use the land for his own benefit and the public’s benefit.

This is the same right that the government gives to the owners of a property.

It is called the right ‘to use’ of the property.

The right to farm is the keystone right in the law.

The farmers’ right to reclaim land from the landowning class has been defined by the Supreme Courts in the Land Acquisition Act, 1967.

The act states that “No landowner shall acquire, retain, sell or otherwise dispose of land without first securing the landowner’s consent, unless the land is in the possession of a person who has attained the age of eighteen years and is entitled to possession thereof, as defined in the Act.”

The Act also states that it is “not unlawful for the owner to transfer to the person who possesses the land a portion of the ownership of the lands or a part of its value, if the transfer is in order to enable the person to make a better use of the area or the whole area”.

The Act defines a ‘purchaser’ as “any person who, without legal title, or under legal title and without consent, undertakes to acquire or retain, and who makes use of, a land, as a landowner, in accordance wih his or its cultivation and the use for which it has been cultivated.”

It also states: “A person is entitled, in respect of any land or part of it, to acquire and retain, for a period of five years from the date of acquiring or retaining the land, an interest in the lands, in proportion to the value of the farm, as provided in the same Act.”

In its judgment in Chhattisgarh Land Acquisition case, the Centre had stated that it was not unlawful for a land owner to purchase the land in accordance to the Act.

In the same case, a

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