The world’s most widely used rice flour has been found to contain traces of gluten and contains traces of a substance found in black rice.

The study was carried out by the Indian Food Research Institute and was published in the latest edition of the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.

According to the researchers, the discovery is “a huge milestone in the history of rice flour”.

In a recent report, researchers said that white rice has been used for centuries for its high fibre content, and that this is what gives it its unique taste and flavour.

White rice flour contains about 4 per cent gluten and is commonly used as a bread ingredient.

According the report, white rice starch, found in the rice husks, is mostly found in white bread and rice cakes.

The authors of the study found that the starch in white rice can form a “gluten free structure” that is the same as the gluten found in most commercially produced gluten free flour.

“We have found that white flour has a unique structure that has different properties from the white gluten,” said Rishi Singh, co-author of the report.

The white starch is “unusual in the human diet”, the report says.

“Gluten in the white flour is the product of the fermentation process of rice.

Gluten is the major ingredient of rice starch.

The presence of the gluten in the flour is due to the presence of a protein in the starch which forms the structure of the starch,” the researchers added.

The scientists also found that wheat flour in white flour, and the wheat flour that has been commonly used in the West for a long time, was the most gluten-containing flour in the study.

The researchers say that this gluten in wheat flour may be an important factor in the gluten sensitivity in people with celiac disease, who can’t tolerate gluten.

Gluten sensitivity has been identified as a symptom in people suffering from celiac and a potential cause of gastrointestinal symptoms in others.

“A gluten sensitivity is an unusual response that can cause the body to react to gluten more aggressively than it would otherwise,” Dr Singh said.

Globally, there are around 10 million people with gluten intolerance.

The new research, he said, “provides a valuable tool to monitor the gluten content of rice in the diet”.

It was also the first time that a study on rice in India had looked at wheat flour, he added.

“The research shows that the white rice in our study is different from the wheat grain in Western countries, and also that the wheat wheat in the Western diet is different to the white wheat flour we are using,” he said.

“It is important to understand the gluten structure of white rice so that we can monitor its response to wheat flour.”

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