A group of Venezuelans from the border town of La Plata have set up a tent on a highway to help those who are trapped and displaced by Hurricane Maria, which made landfall near the border with Mexico.

The group is part of the group of refugees who have been stranded in the city of San Cristobal and have set themselves up in the town’s old town, where they are offering shelter to people who need it.

The refugees are part of a humanitarian relief group called La Mision del Trabajo, or “The Mision” for short, which is headed by Juan Francisco Lopez de Gómez, a Mexican citizen and humanitarian.

The El Paso Times reported that the group was organized by former Colombian president Juan Manuel Santos, who was forced out of office in 2014. 

The El Prensa de los Días reported that one of the migrants said they had been on the streets of La Prens, a town in the border city of Tachira, when the storm hit.

They said they saw hundreds of people displaced by the storm, and that the storm was the worst in 30 years, with at least 4,000 dead and tens of thousands displaced.

“I’ve lived in Tachiras for a long time, and I’ve never seen anything like this,” said Carlos Rodriguez, a resident of La Pesada de Tachura.

The displaced have been staying in tents, shelters, cars, and even in a hospital.

The El Paso Tribune reported that some have also taken shelter in a small community in Tacloban state.

The Mexican government has offered to take in some of the refugees in the La Pengsa camp.

The government has also set up mobile kitchens in a refugee camp in Táchira.

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