It’s time for your gluten free Paleo muffins to have a taste of the great outdoors!

This gluten free muffin has a lot of healthy ingredients including chickpeas and all-purpose flour.

I used coconut flour instead of wheat flour so it’s less of a crunchy crust and more of a dense and fluffy muffin.

I think the chickpease can help with that crunchiness and fluffy texture.

If you’re gluten free or you’re a vegan, you could even add almond flour to the recipe.

I’m not really sure what the best ratio of gluten free to grain free ingredients is.

For me, I prefer to make gluten free gluten free so I’m using almond flour in this recipe.

It has more almond flavor than the regular wheat flour.

This recipe has a good amount of protein for you to keep it light and healthy.

You could make these muffins in smaller quantities and then freeze them for later.

I always make a batch of muffins at least once a week.

These gluten free peanut butter cup muffins are a great way to enjoy a gluten free breakfast in the winter or fall.

I love peanut butter, peanut butter cups and this recipe is a great gluten free alternative.

Recipe Notes You can replace the chickpes with coconut or hemp.

I like coconut for its protein and coconut flavor.

If coconut doesn’t have the protein it does have, you can substitute hemp flour instead.

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