Making a cake flour-rich cake is a good idea for the first few days after starting a new diet.

Here’s why.


It’s not sugar-based.

You can make cake flours with high levels of dietary fibre, and the flours in a typical muffin are often made from low-sugar ingredients.


It doesn’t contain any flour.

Cake flours aren’t meant to be consumed in large amounts.

Cake flour is a lower-calorie option than flour-based muffins.


You don’t need to cook.

Cake batter and cake flour don’t have to be cooked.


It tastes better.

You’ll be surprised by how well it tastes.

There’s a lot more flavor in a cake floured muffin than there is in a flour-filled muffin.

This means that if you are looking for a cake recipe that’s healthier than flour muffins, you can make your own cake flour.


You get to choose what ingredients you use.

Cakeflours are made with different ingredients.

You might want to choose a higher fibre, or a less sugar-rich, flour mixture.


It is easier to mix than bread dough.

If you’re not ready to make your first batch of cake flour before you start a new dietary change, you could try mixing some flour into the batter of a regular muffin recipe.


You won’t need as many ingredients to make a cakeflour.

You only need to make three-quarters of the ingredients.


You could make more than one batch of the same cakeflours.

That way you’ll have the flexibility to mix them to your liking.


You will not have to add more flour.

There will be enough cake flour in the recipe to make one cake, and enough flours for two cakes.


You save money.

Cakemaking is one of the most economical, low-cost ways to cut out sugar and sugar-laden foods.

Make your own flour and you’ll save money on bread dough, muffins and cakes.

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