The president of the United States of America is having a bad day, and this is a perfect example of why.

The feud between the two men began on Tuesday night, when Trump told Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly that Arnold Schwarzenegger was taking credit for his success in “The Apprentice,” and then said that Schwarzenegger should have never done a cameo in his upcoming film.

Trump also called for Schwarzenegger’s resignation, telling O’Reily, “I’m a very loyal person.

I love him, I respect him, and I think he’s very, very smart.

I don’t think he was very successful in that endeavor, but he should’ve been very careful about what he did.

He should’ve done a little more research.

I know he’s going to be a great star.

I just hope he’s not going in that way.”

On Thursday, Trump took to Twitter to defend Schwarzenegger, saying, “If he had taken a lot of flak for his bad decision to star in The Apprentice, he would have taken more flak and been fired, but instead, he’s taking credit.

So smart, so wise.”

On Friday, Trump told reporters in the Oval Office that Schwarzenegger was “very, very intelligent.”

The president then called Schwarzenegger a “very good man.”

On Saturday, Trump had more bad news for Schwarzenegger.

“I just want to thank Arnold Schwarzenegger for his brilliant performance in the very popular movie The Apprentice,” Trump said.

“He was very, well-received by the American people.

The whole thing was a huge hit.

Arnold is a very, good man.

I wish Arnold the very best.”

Trump’s latest tirade came as Schwarzenegger, who played Trump in “Celebrity Apprentice” for four seasons, is facing scrutiny for his involvement in a sexual harassment scandal involving former Playboy Playmate Natasha Stoynoff.

Trump has denied any wrongdoing.

In the past week, the president has gone after Schwarzenegger, including calling him “a very bad person” for speaking out against him during the investigation into the scandal.

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