By Anupama Prasad and Anuja MukherjeeHow to make a pumperni flour recipe.

The traditional bread recipe for making pumpernikle is the same as a pugnakle, but pumper nikle flour is made from a pumice stone and a combination of grains.

For a pumpkin-flour dough, you can substitute one of the two flours.

To make cassava, you will need a small quantity of rice, a little bit of salt, and a pinch of cumin seeds.

If you are a novice, you may need to experiment with the spices and spices you use.

I have made cassava for many years.

In my opinion, cassava is better suited for a vegan diet than pumpernut flour.

If the casava flour doesn’t suit your needs, you might consider making it from a mix of rice and other grains like wheat, barley, or oats.

I use a mixture of rice flour and wheat flour in this recipe.

I also use a combination (including rice and oats) of casava starch, rice starch, and rice starch powder.

This recipe has been adapted from an article by Anupamas Prasand, published in The Hindu, in its March, 2019 edition.

Recipe adapted from Anupams Prasandra’s Pumpernikles and Cassava Recipes by Anujak Biswas.

Read more about this recipe at Anupas Pumpernika Cookbook.

If you like this recipe, I would like to know how you like it.

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