When it comes to flour, you can’t beat the fact that it’s made of a whole lot of potatoes. 

The process is fairly straightforward and takes about five minutes. 

But how to make your own flour mill? 

The recipe for this super-simple recipe, and the one I used in this article, is Carbageddon by Joe Rogan. 

Joe was kind enough to let me share this with you, and he also gave me permission to share his recipe for the other two breads I’ve made with it. 

Here are the ingredients you’ll need:The first step is to mix the flour with salt, and let it sit at room temperature for about 30 minutes.

Then, add in the water.

The flour should be slightly soft, but not mushy.

If you’re using the flour in a bread, you’ll probably need a lot more flour than I’m going to be able to use here. 

Add the water to the flour mixture and mix again until it forms a dough. 

If the dough is still too sticky to work with, add more flour. 

Next, roll the dough into a ball.

This will make it easier to work on. 

Then, place the ball of dough on a plate. 

Use a spoon to lift the dough out of the flour, and place it in a small bowl.

You may have to scrape off some flour on the surface, but that’s okay. 

You’ll want to place the dough in the fridge overnight. 

Once you’ve gotten the dough to room temperature, it’s time to work. 

I usually start with a little bit of butter, then add a couple tablespoons of flour at a time. 

When the dough has risen and is firm, it can be cut into 1/4 inch pieces. 

These will be used for topping the bread. 

After a few minutes of rolling, the dough should have a little less dough than the previous recipe. 

Now, place a piece of bread on top of the dough.

Repeat until you have all the dough you want. 

This is when you can place the whole thing in the freezer. 

 The next day, you will have a beautiful, silky, and flaky bread.

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