If you’ve ever needed to create a flour container, you’re in luck!

In this article, I’ll show you how to create an exact, sturdy, and reusable flour container that can be assembled with just a few simple ingredients and a few basic tools.

The following steps will take you through the entire process, so make sure you have a cup of coffee, a cup and a half of milk, and a glass of water ready to pour over the dough to ensure you have enough.


Prepare the container and prepare the dough 2.

Cut the dough into two strips 3.

Mix the milk and flour together 4.

Cut out the pieces of dough 5.

Fold the strips of dough together and place them in a bowl 6.

Dip the dough in milk and add it to the bowl 7.

Put the bowl on a surface and cover it with a piece of paper or parchment paper 8.

Use a fork to roll out the dough.


Place the dough on the paper or other surface and shape it into a bowl 10.

Place one of the strips in the bowl 11.

Roll up the dough and form the dough ball into a dough ball.


Using a knife, cut the dough pieces into smaller pieces so you can roll them into the container.


Fold up the paper in the middle so you have one strip on top of the other 14.

Roll the bowl out to make sure it’s the right size 15.

Place your dough balls in the container, making sure the corners of the bowl are up and the edges are down.


Cover the bowl with a towel and let it sit for a few minutes to make it easier to fold the dough over.

The dough should be smooth and not sticky.


When the dough has rested for about 30 minutes, remove it from the bowl and place it on a paper towel to let it dry out for about 10 minutes.


When you’re ready to assemble the flour container into the base, you can begin by making a few small adjustments to the ingredients.

If you need to add some butter to the batter, you should do so.

The flour should also be slightly thickened with butter or margarine.


Fold over the base of the flour and set it aside.


Once you’ve prepared the flour, you’ll need to make a few adjustments to it as well.

To make the flour more elastic, you might use some of the leftover flour to make the dough even more elastic.


To adjust the thickness of the dough, add more flour to the dough when folding.

You can add a bit more flour, just make sure the dough is slightly thick.


Add more butter to make up for the extra dough.


The final step to making a sturdy and sturdy flour container is to use a spatula to shape it.

This is also very easy, as long as you have an oven-safe spatula.


Once the flour is completely dry, you will have a perfect, sturdy and reusable container that you can use for baking and baking cookies.

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