A family of three with autism is turning to flour tortillas, which they have adapted from a recipe from the book, The Autism Guide by John McTaggart.

The family, who have three children aged between three and eight, have found the recipes incredibly easy to cook, they say.

They said it was like a food for two, but when it came to eating, the children had the “best time” they had in months.

They have created a range of different flavours, ranging from a “regular” tortilla to “pumpkin” and a “flour” tortillas.

“Our children love it, it’s a huge hit,” Mrs McTagger said.

“They love the texture and they love the taste.”

We know our kids are very social and they don’t like it if they are left alone, so we have been cooking them together for hours on end, but it’s not just food for us.

“A recipe from The Autism Handbook, John Mctaggart, available on Amazon and at bookshops.co.uk.

The children enjoy making the tortillas in their living room in their own homes, using a spoon, fork and a knife to shape the dough.

They can also enjoy them in the kitchen with other family members, but are particularly keen on sharing the recipe in the family dining room.”

It’s like the family version of a dessert for a big crowd,” Mrs Maitland said.

She said the recipes were “pretty easy to follow” and the children “love them”.”

They’re always in the house with us when we make them, we just sit and watch them, they have the best time,” she said.

The recipe for the flour tortillas is adapted from The Foodie Handbook, by John MacTaggarst.

It was originally published in 2001.

Mrs Maitlands said she would “never” try to recreate the recipe for her children, but said the family had been “blessed” with the success of the product.”

John’s recipes are a lot of fun to make,” she added.”

The recipes are really simple and they’re fun to try and make.

“I think they’re very easy to make and it’s just fun to see them in their hands.”

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