MILLON, Philippines — Mochiko is a flour shortage in Marawi, Philippines, making flour a reality for most Filipinos.

The city is still reeling from the massive flour shortage.

We were told, ‘It’s a big problem, so please don’t panic, but we need flour, we need rice, we have flour.’

It’s very hard for the people to get food, and they have to go to the banks, which are closed, to get their money.

If you’re a Filipino and you don’t have a bank account, you have to pay money in pesos.

That’s why we don’t see the money anymore.

There are some supermarkets that sell flour in bags.

But it’s hard to get them.

They can’t sell flour because the government stopped the flour distribution.

I used to eat rice in Manila, but it’s not available anymore.

I used to have rice, but now it’s just rice and beans, not rice and bread.

So, we’re living in a food crisis right now, and we don´t have enough rice.

My husband and I have a little kid.

We can’t afford to buy food.

So, we just work hard and try to feed the family, but I just don’t know how long it will last.

For a few months, I was in the hospital, because the doctors told me that the doctor couldn´t get food.

We were so desperate, and I couldn´te have gone to the doctor.

We didn´t know if we would be able to eat.

But now, I’m in a stable condition.

I can eat and drink water.

I’m eating meat now, because we have rice.

It’s not a big issue, but the rice shortage is a real problem for us.

What is the flour shortage?

We don’t really know, because I don´ve seen a lot of videos online of people complaining about how much money they have, and how bad it is.

Flour shortage or lack of food?

Flouring shortage is the lack of flour in many parts of the Philippines, especially the poorer neighborhoods of Manila, Manila Bay and Manila.

When I go to those areas, I see all the people who have nothing, who have to get flour from the banks or the bakeries.

We don´re getting flour in the supermarket because they have stopped all the distribution of flour.

It´s very difficult to get bread, but people in Manila are eating rice and vegetables, because they don´ts get bread at the bakery.

They have to make rice, so they are making rice.

But I don’t understand why it is a problem for them.

Are there any solutions?

We are trying to get some flour.

We have the bakering factory, but there is still a problem.

We need to have more flour in Manila.

But there are no solutions.

We are struggling with this.

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